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The Oncology Service is involved in every aspect of research from the clinical features of eye tumors to treatment alternatives, genetic considerations, study of tumor DNA and other facets of eye tumors. Much of this work is published in peer-reviewed medical journals. In fact, the Oncology Service team publishes over 60 medical reports in medical journals each year on various aspects of eye tumors and cancers. For a complete list of publications please refer to www.eyecancerinfo.com. This enormous amount of work has an ultimate goal: for improvement in patient care. Thanks to the generous support of research donations, these achievements are possible.

Regarding retinoblastoma, there is a tremendous amount of ongoing research being performed on clinical, genetic and basic science aspects of retinoblastoma by the members of the Oncology Service at Wills Eye Institute in collaboration with Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and many other centers worldwide.

Researchers are constantly searching for better ways to detect retinoblastoma at an earlier stage, even when it is barely visible to the human eye, in order to save the eye and vision. Improved methods of genetic analysis are underway. The search for better therapies continues. There have been great strides in retinoblastoma research and this will continue in the 21st century.

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